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Where to begin???  I’m an over 40, single mom that loves running, CrossFit, great food, wine, chocolate and travel; here’s a bit of my story.

I flirted with running most of my life, I ran track in middle school but then I was pretty much hit or miss with it over the next 20 years.  About five years ago I realized I had to make changes in my life for my health and I turned back to running.  I was living in Nashville at the time so I joined my local gym, two days a week I did strength work with a great group of women and four days a week I hit the treadmill.  I moved back to California four years ago and I took it to the streets and really I haven’t looked back. I started doing CrossFit in late 2013 and I’m addicted to the lifestyle.

To date I have completed nine half marathons, ten 10k’s 10+ 5k’s, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Survivor Mud Run as well as one CrossFit Competition.  I want to be active, I want to challenge myself, to shut the voice in my head that says I can’t up but most of all I want to be healthy and ingrain health and fitness in my son’s life.  I’m not a superstar in either arena but I give it all I have and I keep coming back day after day.  I truly feel like the name of this blog is truly who I am from my birth order to where you’ll find me finish in a race and where I aim to finish my WOD’s but let’s be honest if you CrossFit you know completion in itself is a wonderful thing.

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